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The Barista District is a neighborhood in Night Vale, located near the Sand Wastes, where the town's baristas are forced to live in caves. Night Vale is cursed with a barista population that greatly exceeds the small town's demand for their craft, and so every morning at dawn the desperate baristas have taken to lining up by the dozens in front of the local Ace Hardware hoping to be picked up for day jobs operating unlicensed espresso machines. The swarming baristas, with their "newsboy caps, waxed mustaches, and knit ties tucked into buttoned sweater-vests," are generally considered to be bad for local businesses, and so the authorities have taken to forcing them to return to their caves in Night Vale's Barista District.[1]


The baristas hold an annual Barista Cultural Faire in early October, in which they invite Night Vale to celebrate barista culture.[2]

Points of Interest[]

In addition to the baristas, the Barista District is also home to the town's landfill.[3] The district is currently overrun pteranodons.[4]


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