Is this the first time you’ve heard me say this? Are you sure? Welcome to Night Vale.
— Cecil

Are You Sure? is the 133rd episode of Welcome to Night Vale. It was released on September 1, 2018.

Synopsis Edit

Is this the first time you've heard me say this? Are you sure?


Timeline diverges in Night Vale and every event happens over and over again, but with totally different outcomes.

Plot Developments Edit

  • Time travel: In one version of the divergent timeline, the anomaly is caused by Telly the Barber trying to change the past and prevent Carlos' hair from being cut. In another version of reality, the anomaly is caused by Leann Hart travelling in time over and over and selling her newspaper throughout hundreds of timelines, during which process she became more and more involved in the events happening around her, eventually influencing many of the timelines through her actions.

Notes Edit

  • Three different versions of the episode were released, with the person responsible for the timeline divergence being respectively Earl Harlan, Leann Hart, and Telly the Barber. When playing the episode, one will hear one version with no indication that the other two exist. The version one hears seems to be random.
  • The voice of Carlos was Dylan Marron.

Proverbs Edit

This one weird trick doesn’t seem to have any real purpose. But maybe give it a try anyway.
— Earl version

True change starts with the person in the mirror. He’s standing far behind you, barely visible. He’s really going to change things.
— Leann version

How do I love thee? Let me tally up all the points I’ve assigned to your personal value with respect to my needs.
— Telly version

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