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Arby's is a multinational sandwich franchise that maintains an outlet in Night Vale. Although the restaurant itself is presumably similar to any other Arby's, the Night Vale Arby's is distinguished by the otherworldly lights that appear in the sky above the Arby's sign, which local residents all understand to be caused by "invaders from another world".[1]

Lights above the Arby's[]

The lights appear about 100 feet above the Arby's[1], and are described as beautiful, but no one in Night Vale is particularly impressed with them beyond their aesthetic qualities.[2] In fact, local residents seem to be rather pleased with themselves for "understanding" the lights and seeing through the "lights above the Arby's game."[1] Night Vale Community Radio host Cecil Palmer even counts the population's ability to comprehend the meaning of the lights as one of the few comforting constants of life in the town, alongside the mostly reliable rising and setting of the sun and the constant broadcasting of WZZZ, the local numbers station.[3]

Replacement with 1:1 scale model replica[]

After the tiny people of the underground city were hired by StrexCorp, they tore down the Arby's and replaced it with a contemporary sculpture, which is a 1:1 scale model replica of the Arby's they destroyed.[4]


  • Cecil and Carlos the scientist first expressed their romantic feelings for one another in the parking lot at the Arby's, as they sat on the trunk of Carlos' car and watched the lights above the Arby's.[2]


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