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Amber Aquini is a resident of Night Vale and is married to Wilson Levy. They were married on March 1st 2016[1] and have a child together[2].


  • Episode 15 "Street Cleaning Day": She survives Street Cleaning Day.
  • Episode 56 "Homecoming": Amber and Wilson recount their trip to Luftnarp in Spring 2014.
  • Episode 57 "The List": She is among the residents gathered in Mission Grove Park, though it is unknown if she remembered The List.
  • Episode 103 "Ash Beach": Amber and Wilson celebrate their one year wedding anniversary. Her false memory was of a trip Mount Kilimanjaro when she was eight years old.

"Amber remembered a vacation resort a few miles from Mount Kilimanjaro. She was only eight years old, she was standing outside the resort near her mother’s Toyota pickup truck. Her mother was speaking in Luau to an elderly couple. The couple said they wanted to ride to a camp checkpoint at the base of the mountain. Her mother offered them a ride as she was going to the same place. Amber, her mother, and the couple shared the cramped bench seat, as they rode toward the cloud-shrouded peak. The couple smelled like coffee and brand new sleeping bags. They offered Amber some kashata and told her about different types of birds."

  • Episode 130 "A Story About Us": She does not disagree with Sam arresting the men, saying that "This is a better world now, Wilson. For our son."
  • Episode 142 "UFO Sighting Reports": On Friday February 8th 2019 at 2:27 PM she spotted a UFO.

"Friday, 2:27 PM. Amber Akinye was taking a break from her job at the Diego and Diego and Diego and Diego and Diego funeral home. The one that was opened recently on Ouroboros Road by those very nice quintuplets. Amber was exhausted after talking Leah Shapiro through all the options. The funeral would happen in just two days, and there was so much to do and to decide. Amber thought that Leah was holding on pretty well, but still, it was a lot for both of them. Maybe Amber was too empathetic to work a job like this. She hated to think of empathy as weakness, but she only had so much energy to give. As she was thinking this, she saw a golden colored oblong at a high altitude in the sky above, moving at a steady speed in a five-degree upward climb. “I just got this job,” Amber thought, “I should give it more. I’ll give it more time.”"

  • Episode 159 "Cat Show": Wilson and Amber enter their cat Berthold into the annual Night Vale cat show.
  • Episode 169 "The Whittler"


  • Her mother died when she was three.[1]
  • She does not believe in mountains.[1]


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