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Sticks and stones may break your bones. That is just one of a number of things that sticks and stones may do. Welcome to Night Vale.
— Cecil

All Hail is a specially written episode, performed during the 2017 tour. A recording of the performance can be bought from the official Night Vale BandCamp page starting 15 August 2018.


The Glow Cloud is hovering above the radio station, dropping dead animals and broadcasting strange noises.

Plot Developments[]

  • Glow Cloud: It is revealed that the Glow Cloud doesn't want to be worshipped and desires people to be good to each other.
  • Time travel: Intern Jeffrey uses time travel to deal with his fears: he stops airplanes being invented because he is scared of flying, he tinkers with his genetics before his birth turning himself into a giant spider because he is afraid of spiders, and eventually he prevents his own existence in order not to die as an intern at the Night Vale Community Radio.
  • Intern Death Toll: Intern Jeffrey erases himself from existence in order not to die as an intern.

Recurring Segments[]


  • The fact that Josh Crayton mentions turning into a butt with wings is a reference to the short story Pounded in the Butt by My Own Butt by Chuck Tingle. Joseph Fink is a fan of Tingle's work and the story itself was read by Cecil Baldwin in the first episode of the Night Vale Presents podcast Pounded in the Butt by My Own Podcast.
  • The fact that Melony Pennington is surprised that Cecil is able to broadcast despite not wearing a vest or a tie and not having a third eye is a meta joke referencing the way Cecil is commonly depicted in fanart.