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Adi is a Night Vale citizen.

Adi came to Night Vale from Queens, leaving behind their family, friends, and a girlfriend of two years. According to the Faceless Old Woman they run from their city to Night Vale to escape a murder charge. They were innocent of that murder, but have commited other murders. They now live in a 3-bedroom house in the middle of town. They used to have a dog, but it was arrested for domestic espionage after peeing inside the Dog Park. They also appeared on House Hunters despite being a wanted fugitive. The Faceless Old Woman once put a bug in Adi's ear, which later caused some problems and left scars.

At one point, Adi will die, but their ghost won't be able to pass into the afterlife. They will haunt a house in Night Vale, along with the ghosts of Toni and Morgan, although they will "live" there in different timelines, so they won't notice each other.[1]