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"A Spy in the Desert" is a live show episode, performed during their 2019 tour. A recording of a performance can be bought from the official Night Vale BandCamp page or iTunes starting January 31 2020.

Recurring Segments[]

Bonus Tracks[]

Patrons of Welcome to Night Vale received two bonus tracks featuring Hal Lublin as Steve Carlsberg and Dylan Marron as Carlos the Scientist.


  • In each performance, one member of the audience was selected to be "The Mink", a secret agent who collected secrets. At the end of the show, Cecil would tell this audience member a secret (off-mic) and asked them not to tell anyone. This secret was released with the digital recording on January 31 2020.
  • Dylan Marron (as the voice of Carlos) and Hal Lublin (as the voice of Steve Carlsberg) were only present for select shows.