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We make our own luck. Which is to say, things randomly happen and we apply our personal ideas about luck to that randomness. Welcome to Night Vale.
— Cecil

"A Matter of Blood Part 3" is the 129th episode of Welcome to Night Vale. It was released on June 1, 2018.

Official Synopsis[]

Night Vale is flooded by the blood matter from space and Dana confronts her double.

Episode Summary[]


Plot Developments[]

As the blood begins to fall so does the chaos. A double from an alternate reality comes to take revenge on Dana on killing for killing one of them. How could you kill your own blood, your own you? The Dana's face each other in the blood matter as total power is given to the mayor's office. And the (original?) Dana from night vale kills the usurper Dana who faces failure for the first time.

Recurring Segments[]



  • Episode 7 - "History Week": Dana giving up her position and the voices in Radon Canyon refusing to choose another Mayor, leading to the office being empty, is foreshadowed in the part about the year 2052, in which it is stated that there has not been a Mayor in Night Vale for over thirty years.


My name for the pony I have been planning to get one day has been Ponye West, for years. But for obvious reasons, I have recently changed it to Janelle PoNeigh. This wasn’t written for me by Joseph, these are the actual names I’ve made up for my dream pony. Thank you.
— Meg Bashwiner