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The secret to a long life lies in how acutely you perceive time. Welcome to Night Vale.
— Cecil

"A Carnival Comes to Town" is the 54th episode of Welcome to Night Vale. It was released on September 15, 2014.


A carnival comes to town. Plus the Cleaning of Books, breaking ground at the new old Opera House, and an intern returns... again.

Plot Developments[]

  • Intern Maureen: After getting blown away by a gust of wind by Pamela Winchell two episodes ago, Maureen returns again (her parents complain that this is an emotionally taxing issue that needs to stop). However, she promptly walks out of the studio after becoming disgusted by Cecil's proud proclamations of victory over the apparently innocent and misunderstood carnival workers that he rallied the Night Vale community into driving out. As with her unusual recognition of the high intern mortality rate, Maureen again demonstrates a greater awareness of reality - or at least one more in line with a non-resident of Night Vale.
  • Old Night Vale Opera House: Ground is broken on the construction of the new building.

Recurring Segments[]



Say what you will about dance, but language is a limited form of expression.
— Proverb


  • "Finally Joseph Fink" does the intro using his not-very-good laptop mic because he's doing a thing in Portland.
  • Joseph Fink may have been voiced by Hank Green.